Babu Owino Endorses Eric Omondi for Parliament in 2027: A New Chapter for the Comedian-Turned-Activist

Babu Owino Endorses Eric Omondi for Parliament in 2027: A New Chapter for the Comedian-Turned-Activist

Babu Owino Endorses Eric Omondi for Parliament in 2027

During the recent burial of Fred Omondi, Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino surprised many with a bold declaration. He announced his plans to lobby for comedian-turned-activist Eric Omondi to become a Member of Parliament in 2027. The unexpected endorsement came as a surprise to many, sparking conversations and debates about the future of Kenyan politics.

The Announcement at Fred Omondi's Burial

It was on a somber occasion that Babu Owino chose to make this significant announcement. Speaking at the burial of Fred Omondi, he took the opportunity to highlight the charitable work Eric Omondi has been involved in. The MP announced that they would be identifying a suitable constituency in Nairobi for Omondi to run for in 2026.

Fred Omondi, a beloved figure whose funeral brought together a cross-section of Kenyan society, became the backdrop for what could be a pivotal moment in Kenya’s political landscape. Babu Owino spoke passionately about Eric Omondi’s efforts in aiding struggling Kenyans, emphasizing that his dedication to the cause made him a prime candidate for a parliamentary seat.

A Heartfelt Commitment to Social Activism

Eric Omondi has long been a figure who isn’t afraid to use his platform for the greater good. From his days as a comedian bringing laughter to homes across Kenya, he transitioned into an outspoken activist. His numerous initiatives to support those in need have not gone unnoticed. This shift from entertainment to activism has gained him substantial public support, which Babu Owino believes could translate into political capital.

The MP stressed the importance of amplifying Omondi’s efforts through an elective post. “Eric Omondi’s relentless advocacy for the rights and welfare of ordinary Kenyans has shown his commitment,” Owino stated. He added, “An elective post will not only amplify his voice but also provide him with the resources and platform to affect change on a larger scale.”

Political Aspirations Take Shape

Omondi himself has hinted at political ambitions in the past. In various interviews, he’s spoken about the possibility of transitioning to politics to better serve his fellow Kenyans. His proclamation that he would serve in Parliament to advocate for the rights of Kenyans has now taken a more concrete form with Babu Owino’s support.

Babu Owino’s endorsement could be the first step towards a formidable campaign. Selecting a constituency within Nairobi, a political and economic hub, signifies the strategic importance of the move. Nairobi’s diverse electorate could prove to be the ideal battleground for Omondi’s brand of politics, which focuses on grassroots activism and direct engagement with the public.

Call for Raila Odinga to Focus on the Presidency

Babu Owino didn’t stop with just endorsing Eric Omondi. He also used the platform to urge Raila Odinga, a seasoned politician with a significant following, to withdraw his bid for an African Union position. Instead, Owino proposed that Odinga should focus his efforts on running for the presidency in the upcoming election. By doing so, Owino believes, Odinga would be best positioned to lead the country towards substantial progress and unity.

This call to action underscores the broader political strategizing that is taking shape within Kenyan politics. Owino’s appeal to Odinga can be seen as a move to consolidate the opposition’s strength and ensure a focused and impactful campaign for the presidency.

The Road Ahead for Eric Omondi

The Road Ahead for Eric Omondi

The road to becoming a Member of Parliament is fraught with challenges and requires substantial groundwork. For Eric Omondi, this journey will necessitate a shift from his current role as an activist to a politician who can navigate the complex waters of Kenyan politics. Babu Owino’s support could play a crucial role in providing the necessary political backing and resources.

Omondi’s potential candidacy will likely focus on his strong points—his connection with the masses, his proven track record of advocacy, and his charisma. These attributes, combined with a robust campaign strategy, could indeed make him a strong contender for a parliamentary seat.


As Kenya inches closer to the 2027 elections, the political landscape continues to evolve. The endorsement of Eric Omondi by Babu Owino marks the beginning of an intriguing chapter. Whether Omondi will succeed in his bid to become a Member of Parliament remains to be seen, but his journey will undoubtedly be one to watch. It signifies the potential for a new wave of politicians who are deeply rooted in activism and committed to bringing about tangible change for their constituents.

However, it’s clear that the next few years will be pivotal in shaping the future of Kenyan politics. With figures like Eric Omondi stepping into the political arena, supported by established politicians such as Babu Owino, we can expect a dynamic and vibrant political discourse that prioritizes the needs and aspirations of the common Kenyan.

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